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Entry #1

New Song For Moon Landing.

2009-07-20 02:55:39 by Wajah

Help me celebrate the USA landing on the moon by listening to this song i made about the USA landing....on....the...ugh....moon. Yea. /256909


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2009-07-20 04:32:43

the song is made well, but not sure if it suits the occasion, did you pick the organs and other instruments to make them sound like that era or?
it is a nice song tho =)


2010-04-20 00:41:05

This is based off of your recent song "talk show host"

Have to say, you have a voice worthy of a huge band label. Or at least whoever is the singer. The mix was well, the melody easy yet a little repetitive. All the instrumentals seemed to be well used.

All in all I liked your song and you now have a new fan.